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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year in Photos

So since some of you reading might not really know who I am, let me use this post to introduce myself, Boyfriend, and my puppy to you.

The year started out great!
Here is Boyfriend, hiding from me at the start of 2010. I love him :o)

Here's me and my mom in Santa Fe, NM early 2010. We were so cold! But we sure did travel a lot.

I graduated from college! What a great experience. I remember hearing my family and my best friends yelling my name. Here I am with my favorite cousin Stephanie the day after my college graduation.
I got a puppy! This is little Shadow (he isn't this little anymore. The little cupacabra in the background is a chihuahua named riley, just for comparison).

Boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary... and headed to Vegas, where we took a picture with one of the lion cubs at MGM and saw O at the Bellagio, where we ate at Olives in the Bellagio. Fantastic show, fantastic food, fantastic trip!

Here's another shot of us. He's so handsome!

My family and I also headed to NYC for my uncle Pete's 80th birthday in August. It was a short but amazing trip on Staten Island.
There's everyone at my cousin Pauly's restaurant Nucci's on Staten Island. The best Italian food you could ever want!

In November, Boyfriend, his mom, his mom's boyfriend, and I headed to Boston because I had never been there. It's my new favorite city! I love Boston!

We also saw an incredible game with the OK Thunder vs the Boston Celtics! There's Shaq (he's so tall). You can tell how great our seats were! Good job, Boyfriend's mom!

We stayed in the north end of Boston (AKA the Italian side). Since I'm part Italian on my mom's side, I felt right at home with the pastry shops and all the pizza we ate!

I don't happen to have any holiday photos because my phone died but overall, I had an incredible year. I can't wait for 2011!

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