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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perks of Long Weekends

Thanks to my work schedule (9 hours monday-thursday, every other friday off), and Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, I'm enjoying a nice four day weekend! Hooray! It's especially nice right after the holidays because the work load doesn't feel so daunting.

Boyfriend and I have enjoyed our weekend together so far. Friday, we went to lunch with my dad, then saw Tangled (it was between that and Black Swan... Boyfriend, the movie snob lover, was going for Black Swan but my pleading eyes work every time!), and then went shopping together. So much fun :o)

Today was great, too. We watched the Steelers vs. Ravens game and it was a great game... even though we lost :o(
But what I wanted was a good game that wasn't decided by the refs. We made our own mistakes to lose this game. At least it wasn't stolen from us or anything, so I'm proud of my boys. I can still wear my Ray Lewis jersey proudly!


Tonight, we are going to Boyfriend's uncle's house to see the new baby in the house. Boyfriend's cousin had a baby on 1/11/11 and she is absolutely adorable. Her name is Catalina, which I think is so pretty. Boyfriend is so cute with her. He wants to hold her all the time and always smiles at her and is so gentle. He'll be a great father someday.

Thinking about babies has led me to write an entire column about it (that comes out next Friday). My mom and Boyfriend's mom are both itching for grandchildren, so Boyfriend and I both get pressure on it all the time. Seeing Boyfriend with Catalina made me think about our future together and how great it will be when we have kids. I'm excited about it, but I also love our life together now. We'll get married eventually, we've talked about it openly, but we don't want to get married or engaged until we can financially support ourselves fully, with no help from our parents.

Whoops, I think it's time to go see the new baby! So excited!

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