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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Go Greek or Go Home

I sit here, waiting to go to dinner with my mom (a wednesday night tradition stemming from when I was 13... about 10 years now!), and watching one of my favorite shows ever... GREEK!

I think I connect most with this show because I was Greek in college. I rushed Pi Beta Phi and it was the best decision I made in college. It gave me a place to call home, activities, plenty of friends, and a support system that I don't think I would have found without going Greek.

Greeks have a bad rep sometimes, and understandably- there are some people in some chapters that are ridiculous, slacking, trust-funded partiers that are so exclusive they won't even talk to you if you don't have the latest Louis Vuitton bag.


Although I do love this one...

But while there are some chapters with a bad reputation, there are so many more with good, hardworking people. In my sorority, girls came from all sides of life... we had the girls with trust funds, the girls with summer homes, the girls who traveled all over the world... and we had the girls that had scholarships and worked all through college and couldn't afford to go to Europe every summer. But we all loved each other just the same.

The best advice I have for people that don't like sororities or fraternities is to NOT JOIN ONE! Nobody is going to try to force you to rush. But if you find some girls or boys that you click with, and you happen to like being involved in community service, dances, movie nights, and formals, do it. If you are not a girl's girl, do not, I repeat, DO NOT join a sorority!

I was a girl's girl, and I loved loved loved Pi Phi. My sisters are such confident, fun-loving, interesting people... and they liked me even though I didn't like to go out partying every week and even though I didn't drive a super nice car. And that's all that mattered to me.

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