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Friday, January 21, 2011

Babies Babies Babies

My article came out today in the Las Cruces Sun-News (in case you want to read it... you can just google Jenna Candelaria and I think it appears on the second page. Or you can just click on this awesome link!) about babies.

I don't know what it is about the early 20s, but for some reason, biological clocks start ticking. Not even just for the actual 20 year old, but for the family around them. My mom's best friends are starting to have grandkids and she is jealous. my sister's friends are having babies and now she wants one. And Boyfriend's family? Oh man. They cannot WAIT for Boyfriend to have kids.

Boyfriend is the only boy on his side of the family that will carry on his family name, so it is a Very Big Deal to his parents and his grandparents that he has a son. His grandfather even told him that he can die happy if he gets to hold Boyfriend's son. Sheesh, what pressure! They definitely want us to get married and begin the baby making process.

I definitely want to have kids; I've always wanted to be a mother. My mom was an elementary school teacher for two decades and is now a vice principal, so she absolutely loves kids, and you could tell in the way she raised us. I always grew up feeling very secure and happy. I saw my mother and father dedicate their time, patience, and money to raising us and I always knew that I wanted to be the same type of parent. And at this point, I think I'm too selfish to be the best mom I can be... I still want to travel and buy fancy purses and go out with my friends. But someday, God willing, I hope to have babies.

Just not yet. :o)

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