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Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeling Left Behind

You would think that at this point in my career, I'd be feeling ahead of the game. I went through all of my years of public school. I got accepted to college with a kick-ass scholarship. I made it through my undergraduate degree cum laude, with a minor to boot, in four years. I found a good job.

And yet... as my friends start heading back to school or straight into graduate school, I'm feeling somewhat left behind.

There are times I don't miss school at all, like when I can come home and not do anything all night but watch Gilmore Girls and drink a big Route 44 Diet Coke with strawberry and vanilla from sonic (heaven! heaven in a straw!). But there are times that I miss the feeling of learning, having papers to write about, being excited to do a project or research something. Because I love my field (journalism and public relations), and I love writing, and I love public relations, and I love following trends, new projects always excited me.

But I've decided to wait another semester before going back. Since I work for an awesome company, I know my boss will pay for me to go back and get a degree like so many others have done in my workplace, so that's not a big issue. The biggest issue I have now is that... I don't know what to study.

There are several options. I can go into rhetoric communications (technical writing) like my friend/coworker (friendworker?) Louie or another communications degree. Or I can do what my boss did and get my Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing.

Oh the choices! I have another semester, thankfully, and to be honest... it's kind of fun thinking about school again. :o)

Am I crazy?

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