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Thursday, January 3, 2013


As I mentioned before, Fiance and I are (finally) in a place where we aren't constantly worried about money. We aren't rich (far from it), but we went from being college broke to being new-in-the-industry broke, and then while Fiance worked doggedly for a coveted position in his company (he would more than quadruple his monthly income, but it takes a while to get there so you just have to wait it out), I was paying all the bills on my "first job out of college" income.

But then all the stars aligned and Fiance sold his car (for a nice chunk of change) after he was given a truck from his grandpa (who is like a father to him), then got a few really nice checks from his new position. Around the same time, I got a 6% raise which is like WOW. So generous.

But then it all hit us around the same time and now, for the first time, I don't have to constantly think about which check of the month should be used to pay which bills, and worry about how much we should spend on fun on the weekends.

I always knew that by supporting us while Fiance finished college, got his certifications, and worked hard for that new position, I was helping our family get to a financially safe place. But I didn't think about how much fun it would be when we were almost there until Fiance surprised me with this:

I had admired the blue bag before, and then mentioned that I wanted a cross-body bag. They weren't that much, but they were more than we could have just frivolously spent as "because I love you" gifts.

He is the best. :o)

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