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Monday, January 21, 2013

26 Before 26

Now that I'm (gulp) 25, I guess I should start thinking about my 26 Before 26 List for next November. I have just 11 months to finish this list... so wish me luck!

Jenna's 26 Before 26

1. Do something big for my career
2. Make homemade tortillas
3. Run two 10 minute miles in a row
4. Volunteer
5. Donate money to something
6. Try fancy champagne
7. Take a spin class
8. Get a spray tan (yikes)
9. Take two vacations this year
10. Save $5,000 for a house
11. Read five classic books
12. Complete five Pinterest projects
13. Clean out my closet and donate to Good Will
14. Buy an amazing black dress
15. Bake a multi-layer cake
16. Keep a more consistent schedule
17. Get my hair cut every 10 weeks
18. Get up to date with doctor checkups (teeth, eyes, annual, etc.)
19. Host a girls' night
20. Take Shadow to a new dog-friendly area
21. Wash my hair more than once a week (for real)
22. Print out photos for a photo wall
23. Drink less Diet Coke
24. Find the perfect daily perfume for me
25. Buy a bigger bed
26. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry

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