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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Photos

In honor of today being the last day of 2012, I thought I would do a recap of my year in photos! So here we go!


I found out that the ring my 7th grade boyfriend gave me was his MOTHER'S WEDDING RING. It was a mistake, an innocent one from a young guy, but thankfully I've very sentimental and kept it for a decade.

She was reunited with the ring and was SO grateful :o)

My Ravens also made it to the AFC Championship... and then I don't want to talk about it.


Nothing big happened other than celebrating my sister's birthday with oysters and champagne!


We saw the Hunger Games! No photos really.


We got engaged!

In Vegas, over a million lights.

I lost 30 lbs!


We went to Phoenix to visit a resort and see a baseball game!

Photo: Go diamondbacks!

Photo: Trying chicken and waffles!
And ate chicken and waffles :o)

Blairre had her baby shower!


We went BACK to Phoenix for a cake tasting and dress shopping... and we found the perfect one!!!

We also went to see The Dark Knight Rises, which Fiance has been waiting for for over THREE YEARS.

We also celebrated three years together with a delicious dinner :o)


Fiance got a promotion! We are SO happy and proud of him.

We went out for his birthday. :o)


We took our engagement photos!

We also went up to Albuquerque to see my sister and Kylie, and then go to a fight where we met John Jones! Light heavyweight champ of the world!

He was so nice. :o)


We ate delicious tortas and got passports :o)


We went BACK to Phoenix for a Kevin Hart show!

Photo: Yum!

I also spoke as a guest speaker at my alma mater in the journalism department!

I turned 25!
Photo: Happy Birthday, @jennacande! #birfday #cake #party #surprise #work

Photo: Happy 25th birthday, Jenna.  Love you

And went out with our friends...

Photo: Sisterhood shot! You're here in spirit Kit Kat!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.
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HOLIDAY TIME! Also tons and tons of work for both of us.

Embedded image permalink

We went to Fiance's holiday party.

Photo: Josh at the UPS Christmas party :)

Photo: My fiancé is a fox... Says Josh :P

And then celebrated our Christmas Eves with our families!

Whew. What a year! I didn't realize how many times we went to Phoenix lol. Wouldn't change a thing! :o)

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