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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Me

Today, I'm linking up with Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants... she is hilarious and you should go visit her!

*I was born and raised in New Mexico. Yes, it's a state.
*I'm a writer. I write a column for the newspaper, and I'm a technical writer at a DoD contracting company. I write a lot.
*My two favorite foods are watermelon and french fries :o)
*I LOVE Diet Coke
*I'm getting married on June 8 to the love of my life
*I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan... and we are GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!
*My dog Shadow is the furry love of my life
*I only like sweet, non-dry wine, like champagne or mimbres white
*I love TOMS
*I HATE having things tight around my neck. Chokers and turtlenecks are the worst.
*I LOVE green chile. It's the best!
*I know more about football than the average girl
*I once did the weather for an El Paso news station in middle school. I was adorable.
*I'm really a homebody. I would rather stay home than go out to the bar.
*I was in a sorority in college, and I regret NOTHING. Pi Phi helped me network, make it through some SERIOUSLY hard classes with study buddies, and make life-long memories.
*Fiance and I are movie snobs :o)
*I have super pale skin and super dark hair. One time a hairdresser didn't believe it was my natural hair and told me my dye job was "really thorough", but that I "shouldn't go as dark unless I want to look like a vampire". I was like "Um... that's my natural hair color..." and she gave me that "uh-huh, whatever you say" look.
*I read every single day.
*I love puns!
*I would rather be hot than cold. My ideal temperature is between 85-90 degrees of full sun. I don't really like rain or snow.
*I have HORRIBLE circulation. My feet are always, always cold.
*I had braces for one year, but I never had to use rubber bands.

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday!

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