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Friday, January 4, 2013



SNOW has come to Las Cruces!

It all started on Wednesday. It was my first day back to work since the previous Thursday (thanks to our off-Friday, then New Year's Eve/Day), and it was busy. Very busy. My boss will be busy doing other things, so all of his normal project presentations for our CEO fell to our little office. One of my coworkers was in-processing to become a full time employee (she's new), and my other coworker was still out of town in LA.

We started getting emails about an incoming storm, and then weather notifications for that evening. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, but I still had an uneasy feeling. I packed up a few things (copies of the presentation I was working on, plus a soft copy on a CD, and emailed some more materials to my home address), and then asked my boss if he was okay with me telecommuting in case of bad weather.

He approved it and thank goodness. By Thursday morning, the snow was falling steadily. Not a lot of other businesses shut down, but I have to go across a crazy mountain path (high altitude, small road, through the mountain) and it gets downright DANGEROUS. I decided not to risk it, and started working at home around 7:00 that morning, not worrying about heading to work.

By 1000, they closed the base down and the people that were already there had to go through El Paso to get home, which had even WORSE weather than we had.

The snow kept falling all day. Fiance was sick, so he stayed home and slept while I was incredibly productive. It was actually a blessing in disguise. The presentation I was working on (which we do semi-annually for our customers) is a HUGE deal and my boss usually works on it directly with our two company VPs and the company President/CEO. With him out of the state on business, it was all on my shoulders (especially with my coworkers out of the office before we could split it up). It usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete and they wanted to see a first draft by MONDAY. By working at home, I had 10 uninterrupted hours of work yesterday, and 8 uninterrupted hours today. I got SO MUCH DONE. I'm so relieved... I was worried I wouldn't get it all done with my boss out of the office and all of the interruptions that come into our day (such as photographs... I'm the only one with a camera badge, so everyone comes to me with photo opportunities and they usually need me RIGHT THIS SECOND so I have to drop everything for them).

We stayed in last night. Fiance and I hate the snow (Shadow does, too!), so we just watched movies and ate soup. It was really nice. They closed the base this morning too, so I got MORE time to work on finishing the presentation before our Monday first draft deadline.

And I also got to go to lunch with my mama!:

Photo: My mama enjoying her sushi :)

We went to get sushi while I took a break from work. It was weird... I work 30 minutes out of town, so my lunch breaks are usually either at the small bowling alley, or at my desk. I actually got to have lunch with someone during a work day! It was nice :o)

We had such a good time. Now I'm back and taking another small break before I get to the last few pages of the presentation, with Shadow napping at my feet and Adele on my iHome. I could get used to this.

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