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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Believe!

So this past weekend was AWESOME.

It started on Saturday, with Fiance getting me new tires for my car. They are AMAZING! My tread was so gone on my old tires, so it's really, really nice having new ones! During that time, we went to lunch at Chili's and talked about football. It was great.

After that, we went to the mall and did a TON of shopping. I got my wedding shoes! I also got a fancy robe for Fiance for Valentine's Day, new Moroccan Oil for my hair, plus new mascara and eyeliner. I also paid off a video game for Thomas's birthday. Fiance bought a new watch, some new laces, and some amazing red glitter Toms for me for my Valentine's Day present (they make me look like a modern day Dorothy!).

After that, we took a long hike in the desert with my two dogs and then headed into a wonderful evening of watching Silver Linings Playbook with my fiance and our roommate Thomas :o)

Sunday, we went to breakfast with my parents and then... it was football time.

I was scared. But I was also excited. The first half was rough and we ended up down by 6... but I was happy with that for how many times it could have been worse.

The second half was INCREDIBLE. The defense found a rhythm and the Patriots, the best offense in the country, didn't score a single point against us. Plus we picked off Tom Brady twice (almost three times). He has more interceptions than touchdowns against us :o)

We ended up winning 28-13 and as the clock ticked down, I looked over at Fiance and said, "Oh my God... we're going to the Super Bowl." He just smiled and agreed, but it had just hit me. We make it to the playoffs every year (for the last five years, anyway), but we haven't been able to make it past the AFC Championship since 2000, when we won our last Super Bowl. Maybe this will be our year again :o)

My phone blew up during and after the game with friends commenting on the game and saying congratulations. It's a little strange, because I'm not playing or anything, but their congratulations was more of a "way to be faithful". Everyone knows I'm a Ravens fan. It started in 2005ish, when my cousin's roommate from UNM got drafted to Baltimore. We were all so excited for him that at that moment, I chose Baltimore as my professional team.

He unfortunately got dropped not long after, but I was already invested. By then, I had found how much I love defensive teams, how much I admired Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Haloti Nata. How much fun it was watching my team play. Plus, their colors are purple and black. How fun is that?

I'm one of maybe 10 Baltimore fans in Las Cruces, so when we beat the Colts and the Broncos and the Patriots, most of my friends immediately thought of me... I'm no fair weather fan, so I'm happy people remembered that I have been a loyal fan for several years now. I have Ray Lewis's and Ed Reed's jerseys. I have two Victoria's Secret NFL clothing pieces. I am a real fan.

And I believe in this team. Wish the Ravens luck on February 3... we'll need it against the Niners, which is a great team!

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