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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Scariest/Best Four Hours of My Life

Saturday was the game between my Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos, and it was the worst/best four hours of my life. If you do not like football, you can click out of this post right now, because the next few minutes are going to be me freaking out over the game.


Well, first, it was awful. We let TWO kicks/punts be returned for touchdowns. We let Peyton Manning & Co. march down the field on us.

But there were some incredible parts. Corey Graham returned an interception for a touchdown. Torrey Smith  took advantage of the new Colorado laws by smoking Champ Bailey all night long. Ray Rice RAN DOWN THE HOUSE.

And yet, we couldn't stop their press. And with a minute left, we had the ball and sixty yards to go, down by 7 points.

We've been here before... especially in the playoffs. Last year, we marched down the field, down by three, and were within ONE LEE EVANS FOOT away from beating the Patriots. Then, we were ONE BILLY CUNDIFF CHOKE away from going to the Super Bowl... which the Ravens players ended up watching from their couches the next weekend.

I digress.

We made a few plays, and then...then...

The Mile High Miracle happened.

And even though Jacoby Jones dropped a pass that would get us a first down, and then bumbled a punt return so we had to start in our own end zone... he totally made up for it with this:


Then.... in overtime... COREY GRAHAM came back and got another interception in the second OVERTIME period. And then, another Ray Rice run later, our rookie Justin Tucker kicked a 47 yarder for the win.

It was glorious. I was literally screaming when we tied the game. I almost puked when Tucker was about to take his kick. My knees went weak when we won. It was incredible.

The best four hours ever. AFC Championship, here we come.

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