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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working Out

If you've been reading my blog carefully, you'll see my (brief) mentions of working out. I had a friend ask me what my workout schedule is for each week so I thought I would lay it all out for you... and maybe also give myself come credibility.

Mondays: On Mondays, I like to start off the week with some cardio. Usually, I do about 30 minutes on level 4 on my elliptical. My hrm and the machine say I burn about 450 calories doing that.

Tuesdays: 30 Day Shred, Level 2. This is tough, but I like Jillian Michaels. She is tough but effective. The 30DS is only 20-25 minutes, but it's intense, and it works with weights. I use heavier weights than they do, because I use this DVD as strength training.

Wednesdays: More cardio... usually P90x Kenpo X. It's a lot of punching and kicking, but it goes quickly. I do about 45 minutes. The DVD is actually an hour, but they do a LOT of stretching and I don't spend as much time doing the bizarre yoga stretches they do. I stretch my arms, my legs, my quads, my back, my neck, etc. Then I fast-forward and get started!

Thursdays: 30 Day Shred, Level 2 again OR some P90X CardioX. CardioX is a mix of yoga, kenpo and plyometrics. I do the yoga and the kenpo, but the plyo moves are really rough on your knees, so I go easy on those and really focus on the kenpo.

Fridays: If I'm off, I really like to do Dance Central on my roommate's 360 Kinect. It's SO FUN. It may not burn a lot of calories on its own, but between songs I do cardio moves (like jumping rope or punches) and whenever we "freestyle", I mainly just do a lot of big jumps or something to get my heart rate up. If I'm working on that Friday, I do something quick like the elliptical for 25-30 minutes.

Saturdays: On Saturdays, Boyfriend and I work out together. We either go bowling (and use heavy bowling balls) or go on our 5K walk with the dogs. We love it! And I love getting to work out with him.

Sundays: NOTHING! Woo!

At first, I only worked out three times a week and even that was hard. But now, I feel completely off if I miss a day. I can tell I'm getting stronger and getting myself in better shape. One of the best motivators is Boyfriend. He is so sweet and so supportive that I don't ever want to let him down. Plus, I ALWAYS feel better after I work out. My skin has cleared up. My hair is shinier. I sleep better. Everything works better if I move during the week.

What about you guys? Do you work out?

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