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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Checking In

Again, sorry I've been MIA. After I got sick, Boyfriend caught my bug so we've been just trying to get over it and return to normal life in our house. We are going through a lot of tissues and orange juice... and Nyquil! :o)

Let's see, what's happened... on Saturday, we took Shadow and Remix for a 3 mile walk/run along the Triviz trail. It was great! Remix and I were a little tired by the 1.5 mile mark, but Shadow and Boyfriend were going strong, which inspired us to keep going. When we finished, Remix and I collapsed in the car... but I was proud we made it! :o)

Other than that, our life has been filled with normal work stuff. Boyfriend is up for a promotion at work which would mean a raise and more hours... yay! So he's been working a lot trying to get it. And I'm always busy at my job, which makes the time go by faster, I think.

And tonight I had dinner with my best friend Val. It's been too long since we went to dinner just the two of us without any other friends or Boyfriend or anything, so it was great to just relax, eat some yummy sushi and girl talk without distraction! :o) Val and I have been friends for years: we met in middle school, but lost contact when she moved to Albuquerque, then reunited in freshman Honors Physical Science, where we were lab partners. We've been best friends ever since, so she knows everything about me and she has seen me at my worst and at my best. It was great to just relax and talk to someone who knows what I'm trying to say without having to say it.

I've also been trying to be dedicated in working out. I alternate between Jillian's 30 Day Shred (I'm on Level Two which is scary and hard lol!) and Boyfriend's P90X DVDs. I don't do the hardcore P90X workouts (like legs/back or chest/arms); I mainly do CardioX, Kenpo or yoga, but they're all great workouts. The yoga definitely reminds me of my younger days on my high school pom squad: during our off seasons in advanced dance class, we would do tae bo or yoga to have fun and stay limber! I'm not as flexible as I was back then, but the poses are still familiar and fun to me.

Not a whole lot else to report. I'm working on a column about embracing the changes that come our way, whether it be job opportunities, career moves, life moves, etc., without relying on a set, five-year plan. I'm definitely a five-year, predictable, semi-annoyed with surprises kind of gal, but what kind are you? Any advice on accepting unpredictable changes in the post-college world?

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