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Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday

Boo, Monday. I don't think anyone actually likes Mondays (at least, anyone who works or goes to school!), but this one was especially strange. We started out with a cool morning, but by 1:00 it was totally overcast and by 2:00 it was HAILING. Then, in true NM weather fashion, by 3:30 the sun was shining and the temperatures were pushing 45.

Weird, weird day.

But I'm glad it was today instead of this past weekend. On Saturday, Boyfriend and I took Shadow and Remix for a three mile walk/run and it was absolutely beautiful for all but the last half mile when the wind kicked up a little. But because the sun was still shining bright, we dragged the dogs out into the backyard when we got home to give them their first baths of the year.

They were not fans. I think they both like water, but they disliked having water poured over them. But on the plus side, now they are super fluffy and smell great!

I was supposed to have coffee with a friend tonight but she picked up an extra shift last night (she's a nurse) and was exhausted, so we rain-checked. Though I love seeing her, I'm happy to have a night to just RELAX, because I'm booked the rest of the week :o). I'm having coffee with another friend Kaitlyn tomorrow, dinner with my mom on Wednesday, then HUNGER GAMES premiere on Thursday night! Woo!

Speaking of, I'm SO excited about the Hunger Games! Are you ready for it? I've been re-reading my books to get ready!

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