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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunshines and Dark Clouds

More Sunshines and Dark Clouds! Let's get it!

  • I just downloaded a bunch of awesome new music to my iPod so even though I'm working today, I'll be jamming out.
  • Boyfriend and I got tickets to see our favorite comedian Kevin Hart tomorrow in El Paso! SO EXCITED!
  • We've been re-watching True Blood and I'm totally into it... can't wait for May and the next season to be released!
  • The weather has been perfect on the weekends: warm, just a little wind, plenty of sun. Bring it, summer!
  • We can finally leave Remix out by herself without her tearing up the house. She is such a good dog.
  • Boyfriend and I bought tennis rackets (raquets?) and tennis balls and played some awesome tennis. What a workout! But it was great to be playing outside in the sun.
  • I've been super productive at work all week, which makes the days FLY by. Here we go, weekend, here we go!
  • I found five bucks in my jean pocket. Awesome!

  • It's an on Friday, so I'm working.
  • It's been hot hot hot, but our air conditioner isn't on... so it's fan city for us.
  • Shadow and Mix, after their last bath, are now traumatized by the baby pool... which we bought to help them keep cool this summer. Sigh.
  • It's spring, but my legs are still deathly white!

That's it for me! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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