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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today I feel a lot of TGIT... Thank Goodness it's Thursday! Tomorrow is my off Friday, so I'm really loving this night :o)

After a busy weekend (getting ready for the shower, dinner at Fiance's aunt's house for her birthday, then the shower, then fight night with Blairre and John, then breakfast with my mom, Jess and Kylie followed by lunch with the future MIL and her sisters...), I spent the past few evenings getting the house back in order. Everyone was SO generous, so we've been trying to ease the gifts (like the griddle, the new silverware, the wafflemaker, the wine glasses...) into our house. It's not that easy since we don't have that much space, but we are making it work :o)

Tonight, I came home, worked out, and then rushed over to my boss's historical society presentation. My other boss asked me to stop by and take photos of his presentation for our newsletter... mission accomplished! Then I spent too much money at Target (I was supposed to pop in and out for some salmon, but walked out with two more vases for the wedding, a meat thermometer, a mug for my coworker, salmon, strawberries, and some lean cuisines!).

Now, I'm relaxing and waiting for Fiance to get home so we can get this weekend started. Other than lunch with my dad tomorrow and laundry, we have no big plans. I'm loving it.

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