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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sunshines and Dark Clouds

It's Friday! Here we go:

Dark Clouds:

  • I ate something bad on Sunday and was so so so sick on Monday. Thankfully, I'm all better now!
  • Fiance had a bad week at work so here's hoping it gets better from here out!
  • I need to finish our invitations. I HATE THEM! Well, I love them, but I hate hand-addressing and trying to make them look cute. Blah.
  • I keep losing my earrings... I don't know if the backs aren't tight enough, but they always fall out of my right ear. :o(

  • My bridal shower is tomorrow!
  • My sister is here in town and helping me finish my dreaded invitations... she is much more creative than I am with crafts.
  • We thought our vacuum was broken but it isn't! HOORAY!
  • We bought a new microwave and it actually cooks our food. DOUBLE HOORAY!
  • It's been a wonderful, full week of friends. We spent last Saturday afternoon with my good friend Blairre, her husband and their two kids at St. Claire, eating delicious food. Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning was spent with my sister. Tuesday was spent with my good friend Ellie (who just got married!). Tomorrow is my bridal shower. Life is good.
  • Fiance got me into the Walking Dead and it is SO GOOD. I recommend it!

Have a great weekend! :o)

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