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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

26 By 26 Update

So a few months into my 26 before 26 and I can already cross a few things off!

Jenna's 26 Before 26

1. Do something big for my career In progress
2. Make homemade tortillas
3. Run two 10 minute miles in a row
4. Volunteer
5. Donate money to something
6. Try fancy champagne
7. Take a spin class SO TOUGH. But a really, really great workout with a good friend :o)
8. Get a spray tan (yikes) Scheduled to do so next Friday! Ahh!
9. Take two vacations this year
10. Save $5,000 for a house
11. Read five classic books
12. Complete five Pinterest projects
13. Clean out my closet and donate to Good Will
14. Buy an amazing black dress
15. Bake a multi-layer cake
16. Keep a more consistent schedule
17. Get my hair cut every 10 weeks
18. Get up to date with doctor checkups (teeth, eyes, annual, etc.)
19. Host a girls' night
20. Take Shadow to a new dog-friendly area
21. Wash my hair more than once a week (for real)
22. Print out photos for a photo wall
23. Drink less Diet Coke
24. Find the perfect daily perfume for me Thanks to my sister, who got me a perfume sampler for Christmas. My new fave perfume is Prada Candy... it smells warm and sweet. Perfect.
25. Buy a bigger bed
26. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry New dangle pearl earrings!

So far so good! :o)

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