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Friday, November 30, 2012


Friday Sunshines and Dark Clouds!

Dark Clouds:

  • Fiance has been working 10-13 hours a day so I rarely even see him anymore! I miss him!
  • I can't bring myself to cook if I'm just cooking for myself, so I just keep eating leftovers or eating cereal. Then I'm not satisfied.
  • Need to get better about working out. I've worked out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but I want to keep it going by working out every day but Sunday.
  • I need to get my new driver's license! TODAY.

  • Fiance got top rate for a few hours this week, which means that each hour is like working three hours. NICE.
  • I got a raise at work! 6%, which is phenomenal in this economy.
  • Two stupid cats were fighting in my backyard yesterday and they riled my dogs up. Hence the poem.
  • I'm off today! WEEKEND!
  • I got to see my good friend (and bridesmaid) Dani this week! I miss that girl!
  • Local boxing star Austin Trout is fighting Miguel Cotto tomorrow! Fiance's cousin is dating Trout's best friend/fellow local boxing star, and he's in New York helping him get ready. GO TROUT! LC is proud of you!

Have a great weekend!

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