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Saturday, November 24, 2012

25 Before 25... the final count

1. Buy a nice piece of jewelry for myself
2. Submit my columns to a syndication press system
3. Watch 10 of Boyfriend's Academy Award winners 
4. Lose 30 lbs BOOM
5. Become financially independent
6. Make homemade tortillas
7. Run a 5k I didn't... but I ran a sub-10 minute mile! An equally big goal.
8. Volunteer for something
9. Make THIS chicken :o)
10. Do something different with my hair (dye it, cut it, etc.)
11. Go camping
12. See my grandparents once a month
13. Keep my spider plant alive
14. Donate money to charity
15. Read 10 classic books on the BBC Top 100 Books 
16. Learn how to make great mashed potatoes
17. Find a dress that makes me feel like a princess
18. Ride in a helicopter
19. Try a food I can't pronounce
20. See another Cirque Du Soleil show
21. Improve my individual relationships with Boyfriend's family
22. Stay in touch with my sister more often
23. Start an herb garden
24. Write another 25,000 words on my book I got another 10,000... not bad.
25. Be truly surprised :o) 

So I didn't get everything done, but I'm pretty proud of what I did accomplish. I plan on helping my grandmother make tortillas next time I go over for dinner, so that is still something I want to accomplish. Some of the other things ended up not being that important to me, such as camping or making that particular chicken. I did make my first alfredo sauce, which I'm proud of, so even though I didn't get to cross off that item, I did improve my cooking skills.

The most important thing is to keep working on my writing skills. That will be a goal for my whole life, I think. It should be a continuous goal for all writers.

I'm happy with my progress! And I'm happy to be 25! :o)

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