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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Birthday

Here's a quick recap on my birthday!

It was a wonderful day. It started early, with my coworkers presenting me with a chocolate cherry cake that I wanted to dive headfirst into.

Photo: Happy Birthday, @jennacande! #birfday #cake #party #surprise #work
I have my "I want to eat all of this cake right now" face on.

You can see it at the bottom... it was SO good. We went to lunch at Los Compas for some delicious Mexican and I spent the rest of the day driving around Range, running errands. It was a busy, busy day.

I also found a ladybug in my hair. Dani says it is good luck. Maybe a little birthday present from my grandfather (who passed away in 2008)? It seems like something he would do. :o)

That night, my parents took me out to dinner at Red Lobster.

Photo: Happy 25th birthday, Jenna.  Love you

Where I ate a ton of crab legs. My favorite!

Fiance got me the tickets to see Kev Hart for my birthday, but he also got me my favorite cookies (the thick, sugar cookie kind that they sell at the grocery store for like, $2) and some beautiful flowers.

Photo: Birthday flowers from Josh :)

That Saturday, we made plans to hang out with our friends for my birthday. This is the only picture I have of that night:

Photo: Sisterhood shot! You're here in spirit Kit Kat!!

But it was an amazing night. We started with dinner at The Game and so many people came to celebrate with us! Val, Thomas, Asher, Josh, Aaron, Vanessa, Adriana, Chris, Jeremy, Fiance (of course), Adam, Jess, Kylie, Louie, and Liz all came. We laughed and laughed and it was one of the best nights I've ever had.

We were going to go see a movie right after, but the waiter took forever getting our checks to us, so by the time we were all cashed out, it was too late :o(

So we went to the bowling alley and hung out some more there, before coming over to our place and playing Liar's Dice and Taboo. It was one of my favorite nights ever and I feel so blessed to have these people in my life.

Whew. That's pretty much it for my recaps. Just try to picture me working 60 hours a week in the middle of all this and you have my life all figured out!

Until next time!

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