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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Friday

This Friday, I'm going to do a Thankful Friday post instead of Sunshines/Dark Clouds. In the spirit of the season, of course.

I am THANKFUL for....
  • All the wonderful friends who called, text, visited, and hung out with me for my birthday. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.
  • All of the Veterans and active duty service members. Gay, straight, black, white, old, young, you are the pride of our country. Thank you.
  • Sprinkles cupcakes. Because, duh.
  • My Fiance. I hit a dark place last week (frustrations) and he made everything better by doing exactly what I needed... offering me options, which felt like lifeboats in a vast sea. The fact that he was willing to join the military to get us where we want to be makes me so proud to be his fiance.
  • My parents and my sister. We are such a tight family and I wouldn't change anything.
  • My new coat that is lined and wonderful and was 60% off.
  • Fiance's family. I wasn't raised around a lot of family (grandparents nearby, but no cousins, really, and no uncles/aunts), but they have welcomed me into their life without hesitation. I always feel like part of the family and I do not take that for granted.
  • The Government's compressed work schedule, which gives me today off! :o)
Happy Friday!

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