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Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Time!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are in my favorite time of the season... holiday time! After Thanksgiving, Fiance lets me put up the Christmas tree and add lights and start listening to Christmas music, which I LOVE. Like I've said before, I REALLY hate the cold so this is the only good thing about the season.

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We spent Thanksgiving day with my grandparents. It was a relaxing, fun, food-filled day and we had a great time.

Then the next day, we put up the TREE!
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It makes our house look so festive.

It has been a super fun weekend filled with family and friends. My sister came into town, so we spent time with her baking and hanging out. I also watched Magic Mike with a good friend Vanessa. And then yesterday, Fiance and I hung out with one of my best friends (And a bridesmaid in our wedding) Blairre, plus her husband John and their two kids Carson and Kennedy, my favorite kids in the world.

Mixed in there was plenty of wine, eggnog lattes, and pie. Mmmm. And some Christmas shopping! :o)


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