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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm going to start recaps of my past two weeks. You'll have to use your imagination regarding work. As in... imagine that every time I wasn't doing anything, I was working. Yes, it has been a long few weeks.

SO that weekend actually started with me giving a speech to an advanced public relations class for my mentor, Dr. Mac. He told me, and I quote, that I am "the most accomplished journalism graduate from the past five years" due to my column writing. What a compliment, right? But the students seemed interested in what I was saying and even though Dr. Mac didn't make them ask me any questions (I used an hour and a half of the hour and forty-five minute class for my presentation!), they all stayed AFTER class to ask me questions! :o)

Then Fiance took me to lunch and then... it was work work work for the rest of the night.

I worked again that Friday. Allllll day. It was technically my off Friday, but there was work to be done, so by gosh, it was going to get done. That night, after Fiance got out of work around 10 that night, he showered and we loaded the car and we headed out!

It was a long night, but, thanks to some sing-a-long with Nelly at the end, we made it safe and sound around 3:30 in the morning. 

We slept in and then headed out to Oregano's for some delicious pizza. We went shopping after that and we found a TON of stuff. Fiance's mom loves to buy stuff for him, so she spent a small fortune on new jeans, tops, shoes, and belts for him. Mostly against his will. He picked out two shirts and one pair of jeans, and the rest was her. :o)

That night, we went to the Kevin Hart show.

It was SO FUNNY! Kev never disappoints. We really had a good time. After that, we went to Five Guys for some dinner. :o)

Photo: Yum!

We were previously die-hard In N Out fans, but I might be a convert. It was SO GOOD. Yum!

On Sunday, we spent the day eating Sprinkles cupcakes and going to an arts festival in Litchfield Park. It was so much fun. Fiance and I bought some fresh hand rolled pasta (lemon pepper garlic, and spinach mushroom garlic flavors!), plus I found a scarf for my grandma for Christmas. It was so nice to be walking around outside.

We went shopping a little more (and we found Fiance's wedding ring!), and then ate dinner at Modern Steak, which was delicious. Then we headed home and watched Sunday Night Football. :o)

The next day, we made the long drive home. But it was such a fun trip and I'm so glad we got to see Fiance's mom again. It's weird living in a different state, but it makes our visits that much sweeter. :o)

It was SUCH a fun weekend and I can't wait to go back in February!

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