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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Great Christmas

It was a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Eve was exactly as I wrote about. Even though it was busy going back and forth between our different families, it was filled with all of my favorite people, wonderful food, and generous presents :o)

We started at my parents' house, where we ate tamales and red chile and the delicious cheese sauce. Then, we watched some White Christmas and opened presents. My parents gave me an iPhone for my birthday/part of Christmas, but I also got a Clarisonic Mia face cleaning thing (which I've only used twice but I LOVE), a beautiful white iron cage for cards at my wedding, some pans (cake pans, loaf pans, etc.) for my kitchen, new pajamas, new slippers, new socks, new touchscreen-compatible gloves... I'm sure some other things but I can't remember. My sister got me a really awesome scent-chooser thing from Sephora... it came with 12 small samples of perfume, and then a certificate that I can turn in for a full size bottle of any of those scents. I'm testing them out now :o)

Then, it was off to Fiance's family. We played Taboo (boys vs. girls, and it got very heated) (we won), and ate more delicious food again. Then we opened presents. I got a gift card and this awesome "Here Comes the Bride" Philosophy kit from Fiance's mom, which includes face wash, face lotion (Hope in a Jar), face peel, and body wash, plus some good Aveda shampoo and conditioner from my Secret Santa Michelle, and a sweater from Fiance's grandparents :o)

Fiance's biggest present was an iPad mini from his mom, and then a TON of gift cards. Fiance is really particular about things, so gift cards always work out for him! :o)

Christmas Day was also wonderful. We started out at my parents, for some red chile and eggs, and then went over to Fiance's mom's house for lunch. I made gruyere macaroni and cheese and it was DELICIOUS.

I used THIS recipe, and it was delicious, if a little bread-crumby.

And then we saw Django Unchained, which was intense, but very well done. I like all of those actors a lot, so I really enjoyed it.

And now, I'm off again for five days. WOO! Happy Friday! :o)

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