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Friday, July 27, 2012

Team USA!

(I wrote about my love for the Olympics in my last column for the LC Sun News here: KACHOW)

Instead of sunshines/dark clouds, I thought I would write a little bit about the most exciting event in my life right now... the Olympics! Although I do have two quick sunshines: one, my friend DANIELLE is in town from Chicago and I'm SO happy to see her! AND The Olympic Games are starting tonight! Two BIG sunshines! :o) :o)

On Tuesday, my boss, coworker and I took personal leave to go to the bowling alley to watch Team USA play France in group play of the Olympics, for women's soccer. Tonight, the opening ceremonies will be broadcasted across the world, officially kicking off one of my FAVORITE things in the world: The Summer Olympic Games.

I'm a rare breed of Olympic fan. The other day, I asked my coworkers if they remember where they were last Olympics. They looked bewildered and answered, "No...?" as though I was the weird one!

Okay, maybe I am the weird one.

But I just cannot help myself. I LOVE the Olympics. I love anything that lets me get patriotic. I love that, for a couple of weeks, everyone I know is cheering for the same team. I love that when team USA scored the third goal to pull us ahead, everyone erupted in cheers. I get tingles when the National Anthem is played.

Four years ago, I was a college sophomore. I was living in my sorority house. Right there, in the Pi Beta Phi house, surrounded by my friends, cheering on our athletes.

I remember thinking that the next time I saw the Olympics, I would be 24 (TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD!), out of college for two years, and I would definitely know where my life would be going. I hoped that I would maybe have someone (though I anticipated a way different someone in my life than Fiance turned out to be!).

Little did I know, less than a year after the Olympics ended, I started dating Fiance, and the rest is history. The past three years have been filled with incredible love and happiness. Sure, there were times that we fought or I was sad about something, but overall, my life now is so, so much happier than my life before. I didn't even know I wasn't totally happy. And maybe I was, but now, I have the capacity for more happiness. Who knows how it works. But overall, my life is so complete now.

I'm sitting in my house as I write this, the house I share with Fiance and our best friend Thomas, plus Thomas's adorable dog Remix and our adorable dog Shadow.

I have a great job that has brought me more experience than I could ever have hoped for. I feel so prepared for whatever I go to after this position, though I still have lots to learn at this job! I have a great family. I'm getting healthy and I feel so much better.

At 20, I had no idea what to expect when I experienced the 2012 Olympics, but I never could have anticipated being as happy as I am. But that is a wonderful surprise :o)

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