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Monday, July 16, 2012

Back! Ready!

So this past weekend, Fiance and I went back to Phoenix for a little LOT of wedding planning. I know our wedding is still almost an entire YEAR out, but with a destination wedding, we had to make our plans remotely. To not have to go back for another 5-6 months (we hope), we wanted to get as MUCH done this weekend as possible.

We succeeded.

We left Friday morning. We grabbed a quick Subway breakfast sandwich and then we were on our way! Five hours later, we pulled into Oregano's (our new FAVORITE pizza place in Phoenix... delicious! Check it out if you're ever there) and ate ourselves into a coma. Then we headed out to Litchfield Park, where Fiance's mom lives now.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching television and relaxing, until Fiance's mom came home and took us to Lolo's Chicken and Waffles for dinner.

It was SO good, of course!

We also headed to a little Irish bar for a Guinness (for Fiance), and a margarita (for us).

The next morning, we woke up and headed to the resort for our appointment with our favorite wedding planner, Amanda. In an hour and a half, we pretty much planned our whole wedding. It was a whirlwind, but amazing. She's done so many that she knew exactly what to ask and what would NOT look good.

After that, we ate lunch at the resort with our parents and talked about the wedding some more. I had crab cake sliders (they were GREAT) and Fiance had a burger, also great.

Then at two, we met with our DJ and signed him on the spot. We clicked immediately. It also DEFINITELY helped that EVERYONE we had spoken to had raaaaaved about this DJ and how he can keep the party going. He loved all of our musical choices and had some great advice about our first dance. We both feel great about him DJing our wedding!

And then at four, my mom and I went wedding gown shopping!!!!

Of course, no spoilers yet, but suffice it to say that I found the dress. THE dress. My perfect dress, after going through other pretty, but not necessarily PERFECT dresses. I'm so, so happy with our choice. As soon as it was laced on, I teared up and thought to myself, "I'm going to marry Fiance in this dress." My mom teared up. I just... KNEW.

Aaaaand then we went back to Lolo's!


We slept late, then headed back to the resort for CAKE TASTING!

It was amazing. The resort set it up so beautifully, and we had 10 great cakes to taste. We narrowed it down to a few favorites and really, we can't go wrong.

We headed home right after... running straight into these clouds.

Fun, huh?

BUT we made it home safely. We had SUCH a productive weekend and we are ALMOST DONE with our wedding planning... a year early. What can I say? I'm a planner :o)


  1. I love the story telling with the pictures interlaced. I can't wait for the wedding! (Assuming I am invited...)