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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA. Nothing big going on in my life (when is anything ever really going on, though? I work, I make dinner, I work out, I watch crappy reality TV). I've been suuuper tired lately, though I'm not sure why. I took a wonderful nap today before I worked out on the elliptical, so I feel better than ever, but every other night has been awful.

I go through a mental dilemma every evening. I looove having evenings off (so different from my serving job), but I only get to see Boyfriend for about an hour before he goes to work, and then about a half hour after work before my eyelids start drooping and I start dozing off on the couch. So until he gets off, I'm basically just waiting for him to get home... like, I always have an idea of the time and I mentally, unconsciously think, "Only two hours until he's home..." You know?

Though I shouldn't complain too much. I looove having time in the evenings to spend time with my girlfriends. I can make plans with my friends four nights a week without feeling like a bad girlfriend. I like having time to watch my girly movies and play MarioKart and nap. But I still miss him, especially when I just want to nap. Boyfriend's the BEST nap partner because he's always warm, so he's like a little heater, and he lets me burrow into that nook of a slope from his neck to his shoulder. It's my favorite.

Nothing that big is going on this week, so I'll let you all go. Have a good week!

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