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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Most Perfect Weekend

Boyfriend and I have had the most perfect weekend so far. On Friday night, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings with our best friends Thomas, Vanessa, Aaron and Mikey for some end-of-the-work-week drinks and wings.

There's Mikey, love-staring at Aaron. :o)

We chowed down on Asian Zing wings and fried pickles and laughed and laughed. It was a great chance to wind down. However, I had only eaten half a quesadilla and some sushi that day (around 700 calories) so two drinks got me super tipsy. I was really feeling good, so to help me combat a tiny hangover, Boyfriend took me to Wendy's on the way home to share some fries and a Frosty with me. :o)

We woke up late yesterday and lounged around until we got hungry (STARVING) around noon and headed to Subway to partake in their Febru-any $5 footlong special. We shared a chocolate cookie and each had half of a sandwich and half to take home. It was delicious.

Then we went to Toucan Market. I LOVE Toucan. It's a fancy specialty store in Las Cruces and it can be expensive (truth: I bought an $11 watermelon there and a tiny can of $2.50 green chile), but it has such fun things and great wine. We got some Gentlemen Jack for Boyfriend (who drinks whiskey and water), some of the expensive green chile, watermelon, and panko bread crumbs (to make healthy fried chicken).

Then we went to see The Grey. It was a great movie (Grey-t... get it?)! Part of it is that I love anything about wolves, part of it is that I love movies, part of it is that we shared some popcorn and it was really fresh and hot, but it was an especially nice movie experience. I love Liam and the story was good. It's about these seven guys that survive a plane crash in Alaska (I think) and trying to survive wolf attacks.

Then we ate some gyros and hummus at a local Greek place called Tiffany's. I LOVE gyros, but especially from this place. The meat is really flavorful and mixed with fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced onions and some of that white sauce (I have no idea how to spell it)? It's perfect.

We've also been wanting to watch some of the Oscar nominees, so Boyfriend suggested we rent Midnight in Paris from RedBox and head home, so that's exactly what we did. He made himself a Gentleman Jack and water and I made myself a Grey Goose and Sprite Zero (don't judge, it's so good) and we settled down in our bed to watch the movie.

It's SO SO GOOD! I don't want to spoil anything, but it's great, kind of like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez realism story... so great. I highly recommend it.

Today, we ate breakfast with my dad and now we're basically killing time until we head to Boyfriend's uncle's house for Super Bowl sunday. I'm excited for the rest of the evening, even though it means the end of a great weekend.

What are you doing for Super Bowl Sunday?