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Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunshines and Dark Clouds

Unfortunately, this is an on Friday for me, which means that when you read this, I'll be at work. :o(

That's definitely a dark cloud! I'll start with those today.

  • It's an on Friday. So I'm working.
  • I need extra sleep.
  • I really, really want a vacation but we're going into a busy period at work, which means I'm nervous to even ask for a day in MAY off... yikes.
  • My internet is being shoddy, so hopefully this gets published.
  • My cell phone Flixster app has been being super super stupid, so I missed a movie I wanted to see because my app got the time wrong.
  • I'm almost completely out of groceries... so I have to go shopping.
  • I need to clean the shower but I hate doing that... maybe I can make Boyfriend do it!
  • I had 70 grams of protein yesterday. CRAZY. But now I'm super sick of meat and craving pasta, which is not the healthy type of eating I want to be craving.
  • We finally got sme stuff up on the walls (we've only been in this house since, oh, September!). It feels much more like a home now.
  • Shadow is being too adorable tonight. I just love it when he curls up at my feet with his tail wrapped around his nose. I hear that foxes do that to stay warm. Maybe he's part fox?
  • Only one more day until the weekend! WOO!
  • I'm excited for the Super Bowl... not for the teams, but for the party at Boyfriend's family's house.
  • I've discovered Dance Moms on Lifetime... it's incredible. The moms are crazy, but the girls are too cute and the are amazing dancers! I love watching dancing shows.
  • Also, if you love The Hunger Games, watch the Evil Iguana productions spoof of the trailer... it's hilarious. "Probably spear to the head."

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