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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Favorite Moments

My favorite moments:
  • Waking up on my own, before my alarm, and knowing I still have a few more minutes to be all warm and cozy in my bed.
  • Seeing the one I love for the first time all day.
  • Watching Shadow and Remix play together all day... and then take naps snuggled up together.
  • A really cold glass of milk wtih a chocolate chip cookie.

  • Finishing a difficult editing task... and then looking at the before and after products to see how much I have fixed the document!
  • A surprise bouquet of flowers from Boyfriend. (These aren't them, but they look exactly like them. My cell phone pictures don't do the beautiful flowers justice!)
  • Laughing really hard with my mom.
  • Celebrating big moments with friends. This started early in life, but it became especially important when I was a Dama in three friends' Quinceaneras, and the feeling has only grown with being a bridesmaid or being involved in bachelorette parties or in getting that text that says a friend is going to the hospital to have her baby. The fact that these great friends have chosen me to be involved in their big moments (as a Dama, as a bridesmaid, as a bachelorette party-goer, as one of the first non-family to see a new baby)... it's an amazing feeling.

  • Being around Boyfriend's family. They've always (especially his aunt Brenda and uncle Ric) made me feel so welcomed and always like a part of their family. Last weekend, when we watched the Ortiz-Mayweather fight at his uncle's house, I realized what a great feeling it is to be so happy with someone... and to be happy with my future in-laws. Not everyone is so lucky to be so welcomed.
  • Hearing the song that I've had stuck in my head all day on the radio as soon as I turn on my car.
  • A great movie on TV.
  • A spectacular football play from the Raiders or the Ravens.

  • Awesome naps.
  • A book that is surprisingly addicting.
  • Finally sneezing when you've had that tickle in your nose forever.
  • Having faith... and seeing it work out.
What are your favorite moments?

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