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Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting Away

Lately, I've been itching for a vacation. I start by feeling sorry for myself about how much I've been working and how good I've been about really staying on top of my job. Then I remember... I went on a lot of vacations very recently. Since April, I've gone to Phoenix three times and Vegas once. Almost every month, I've had a vacation, the most recent at the end of July.

I have no reason to be itchy for a break, but yet, I am.

At first, I tried to talk myself out of it. I'll be fine not taking any vacations! I can save up my vacation days for next year. Plus, where would I go? It's better to save money.

Then I start bargaining with myself. If I can go until November without going out of town, maybe we can plan a weekend there. If I can save $3,000 by December, we can go on a tiny, little trip. Maybe to New York? New York's little! (Right?)

Then I remembered. I'm an adult, darn it. I can do whatever I want. One of the best things about being an adult is that pretty soon, Boyfriend and I will be true DINKs.. Dual Income, No Kids. Right now, we're OINKs... one income, no kids, but that still gives us one pretty good income (and his good part-time one) with which to be reckless and irresponsible.

Since I'm a Type-A, super-planner, super-organizer, even my thoughts about being irresponsible consist of tiny, weekend vacations so I don't use too much vacation time and won't bankrupt us because I'm saving for a house/marriage and also, what would we do with Shadow?

I'm the oldest 23 year old ever.

REGARDLESS! Relative irresponsibleness is, in my case, pretty reckless, so my conscious and my tiny early-adult rebellion will just have to meet in the middle. I guess New York isn't really an option at this moment with us, oh, trying to save money and, oh, New York being SUPER EXPENSIVE (plus, I was just there last year! Chill out, Jenna!), but a little weekend trip to a cabin in Ruidoso or back to Phoenix would be ideal.

Any ideas, loyal readers (mom)? Where should I go that is relatively inexpensive and not too far away, but still fun?

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  1. Albuquerque! We can take the train to Santa Fe and drink hot buttered rum on the plaza. And if you wait a month or two, we can go skiing/snowboarding too!