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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day!

What a wonderful weekend. We were busy ALL weekend, but now we are getting to relax because it is LABOR DAY and, thanks to thousands of people who fought for safe working conditions, labor laws, and unions, we have this day to appreciate their struggle and rewards.

Also, we get this day off work, which is always nice.

We started off this weekend with our engagement photos! We took them with The Sweet Spot Photography and it was SO much fun. I've known the girl, Melissa, since high school, and her husband Koko came with us for lighting and help with posing/staging.

We had a blast. We went to several different places, like pecan trees (with my little Shadow!), a local theater (for Fiance's love for movies), a local used bookstore (for me!), and a grassy area for photos in our favorite football jerseys! :o)

Here's a sneak peak of our photos:

We LOVE this one, but there are so many others to look at. I can't wait!

Yesterday was a family day. Fiance's mom came into town, and so did my sister, so we tried to split time between breakfast with the mom-in-law, and then a bbq with my family. We had a great time. Then Fiance and I just relaxed and watched Dexter because I was feeling a little sick.

Today, we hung out, napped, and then went to a cookout at Fiance's uncle's house where, again, we had a wonderful, relaxing day. I love that I can hang out with Fiance's family so easily... they'll be my family soon, too, and I just think we are so blessed to get along so well with each others' family!

Although they did joke with me that my future mother-in-law already named our first child SOLOMON.

I was like, "No. That's not happening." lol :o)

Guess we better go to the gym. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

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