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Monday, September 24, 2012



I've been busy.

Clearly. I mean, I haven't written, so I MUST have been busy all week, right?

HA. Not really. I was just lazy around the house and completely forgot I had a blog in the first place. Although I was pretty busy this weekend. To recap:

Last Sunday (as in, a week ago): Watched football. Cried (not really) because Baltimore lost. Made MASHED POTATOES that didn't suck! Apparently I over-mixed them before. This time, I kept my hand mixer in the cabinet and instead just relied on a good, old-fashioned potato smasher. I also went all out and used roasted garlic, heavy cream and real butter. They were delicious.

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While I toiled away with the potatoes, Fiance grilled some steak and kept my glass filled with some delicious St. Claire winery mimbres red wine.


I worked all week and in the midst, watched the Shuttle Endeavor fly over WSMR, the birthplace of America's space program. It. Was. Awesome.

On Friday, Fiance and I headed to El Paso to get our passports in preparation for our honeymoon! YAY! Once that was done, we stopped at Rainbow to get some of the truly delicious tortas that I've been dreaming about since I first had them.

Mine had bistek, green chile, asadero cheese and tomatoes. YUM!

Then we went shopping. MORE SHOPPING. It turns out I actually like shopping (now that I wear a smaller size, which is SO MUCH FUN to grab instead of a larger size!) but I do NOT like how much money it takes. But I got some pants (which means I can throw away the black pants that are literally four sizes too big and never stay up).

Saturday, we ran errands and then had a beer and some nachos with my parents. Yesterday was a day of football... and both of our teams won! YAY!

And now it's Monday again. I had to work late, but then I'm gong to Zumba. YAY!

Only four more days to the weekend. :o)

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