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Friday, September 14, 2012

Grateful :o)

So in remembrance of the horror and pain of September 11, I'm going to skip Sunshines and Dark Clouds and go into a GRATEFUL FRIDAY theme instead, and list things that I am grateful for!

I am Grateful...

  • To live in a country where I can be free to follow my dreams, regardless of my religion, race, or gender.
  • For the men and women that live their lives to make our country better, from military to police to teachers to unions. We became the strong country we are based on ALL contributions.
  • To have the sweetest dogs in the world... all they want to do is cuddle with me!
  • To be BACK on the healthy eating wagon and down another couple of lbs!
  • That Fiance's new promotion is really, REALLY helping us out for saving for our wedding/honeymoon! So, SO relieved.
  • and EXCITED for my dear friend/bridesmaid Blairre, who is currently in the hospital welcoming her second child, a daughter named Kennedy with her husband John and their first son Carson!
  • To have a hilarious sister, a supportive mother, a strong and stable father, wonderful future in-laws, and the perfect Fiance. Not that he is perfect, but he is perfect for me.
  • To have a relaxing, sports-filled weekend ahead of me!
  • That it is FRIDAY!
I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend. Sometimes I forget about all the wonderful things in my life, but there is no reason to focus on the negatives when I clearly have SO many great people and opportunities in front of me! Life is good! :o)

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