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Friday, April 6, 2012


It's FRIDAY and I've been off all day, so today I'm happy to only have sunshines and NO dark clouds! Get me some!

  • It's Good Friday!
  • I was off of work today, so I've had a wonderful day.
  • I slept until 11. That's right, 11 in the morning. It was incredible.
  • I did some video zumba and had so much fun doing it.
  • INSTAGRAM (follow me @jennacande) finally came to Android phones! YAY!
Look at my little Remix! So cute!

  •  I had some truly great Greek food for lunch and some truly delicious Mexican food at Nopalitos for dinner. I'll never get sick of red enchiladas with an egg.
  • Boyfriend is taking me to see Titanic this weekend. I hope he's ready for three hours of Leonardo Dicaprio in one of the most epic love stories ever.
  • My grandparents and my sister are coming into town this weekend for Easter! I'm so excited to see them!
  • Boyfriend and I have been playing tennis and we are getting pretty good at it! Yay!
  • I had to get a new common access card at work (which is usually a PAIN in the butt) but it went very smoothly. So happy to get that out of the way!
  • I get to relax and watch Mean Girls until Boyfriend gets home. Great Friday night!

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