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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunshines and Dark Clouds

*Blogger was being STUPID yesterday so my scheduled post (this one) didn't actually post. So here it is.

Dark Clouds:
  • I've had allergies due to all the wind. BLAH!
  • Boyfriend had to go in early all week so I didn't get to see him before work. :o(
  • My hair is all split-endy. Yuck.
  • Tomorrow, we're helping Boyfriend's uncle out with a car wash at the Autozone on Picacho (if you're from Las Cruces, join us!) to help a family friend who got jumped by some thugs and has medical bills up the wazoo. The guy is the nicest person ever and I'm so happy he's okay, but just the helicopter ride cost him $26,000... and without any medical insurance, he's in a tough situation. Come help us out!
  • I'm off today! Woo!
  • We're going to eat Mexican today and I'm SO excited for my red enchiladas with an egg over medium. YUM.
  • We moved the basketball goal over to our house (my parents' gave us theirs!) and the boys LOVE it. They went out and played all week, even when it was too dark to see.
  • We're watching the Jones-Evans fight tomorrow and I'm excited!
  • We're also getting Peter Piper Pizza for the fight and I'm actually more excited about the pizza than the fight... lol :o)
  • I made some truly bomb fettucini with scallops and shrimp this week. Delicious!
  • I'm up to my ears in library books and I've never been happier. Free books (on loan)? Awesome.
  • Boyfriend's mom brought us back some cannoli from Little Italy and we're having a hard time not licking the box. SO good.
I just realized most of my sunshines are about food. Can you tell I'm hungry? Lol!

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