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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunshines and Dark Clouds

Not much to say because it was a slow week. BUT it's a Friday tradition, so here we go!

Dark Clouds:
  • I've been so tired and I can't shake it!
  • I have had little to no cooking energy. Normally I love finding new recipes and new ingredients to use, but I've been sticking to my staples: frozen salmon, grilled sandwiches, and Morning Star Chik'n patties.
  • After days and days of pretty weather, the infamous spring winds have returned to us. GO AWAY!
  • I need to vacuum. We have SO MUCH dog hair everywhere. I could collect it all and have enough hair to make a Pomeranian if I want. Which I don't.
  • I also need to mop. We sweep often, but it's hard to mop with the puppies running all over.
  • The puppies have been so sweet lately, like, particularly cuddly. It's so nice :o)
  • I've really enjoyed working out lately.
  • It's FRIDAY! Always a sunshine!
  • My family is trying to set up a weekend to go to Scottsdale to see a baseball game. My mom invited her brothers and their families and I SO HOPE they can come! We always used to have a family reunion on that side of the family and once my grandpa died, it fell apart. I definitely miss them.
  • We have a beautiful rose bush out in the front of our house and it is blooming so happily. It makes me smile every time I come home.
  • I'm really utilizing the library, which feels like FREE BOOKS to me. Wonderful!
  • Boyfriend and I are making scallops this weekend... I hope they turn out good!


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