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Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Weekend

I came home this weekend to some beautiful tulips that Boyfriend picked out for me. They are the perfect way to remind me everyday that SPRING has sprung and the nice weather is here to say. I LOVE summer in New Mexico; I've always been more heat tolerant than cold tolerant (probably because I have awful circulation so I'm always, always cold!) and there honestly is nothing better than a nice, slightly cool summer evening.

We spent this weekend running errands and getting ready for the Rashad-Jones fight on Saturday night, which we watched at home with some Peter Piper Pizza, some Coronas and Dos Equis, and some good friends in the form of Thomas, Asher, Jeff and his friend K.

Sunday was easy too; we spent the day with our families and running a few more errands. I got a bonus at work (HOORAY!) which is going straight to a plane ticket for our trip to VEGAS. I'm so excited! We go in May over the weekend since we're crazy busy at work, but I think it will be super fun.

Is it May yet? :o)

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