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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday, we went out to celebrate the birth of one of my best friends, Valerie. She and I were just talking about how we have celebrated a DECADE of birthdays since we became friends. How crazy is that? 10 years of solid friendship. We've gone through a lot together: high school, first loves, heartbreak, prom, homecoming, AP exams, graduation, summer parties, college, sororities, roadtrips, relationships, my engagement, and getting ready for my wedding. She and I have both changed a lot, but we've always put effort into our friendship.

So this weekend, we celebrated her 24th birthday!

Photo: Yay, Valerie Munoz is celebrating the anniversary of her 21st birthday!

Yay, birthday!

We went to High Desert and drank beer and ate green chile cheeseburgers and it was amazing.

Photo: Celebrating Val's birthday :)


Birthdays are the best.

Saturday we spent DEEP CLEANING our house.We did a big spring clean of our dressers and drawers and closets and found a ton of stuff to donate or throw away. It was amazing lol.

Sunday was spent getting ready for the OSCARS! WOO!

How was your weekend?

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