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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting Back

I'm having a hard time getting back into being healthy. I took a break for the holidays (I know, I know... forever ago) but I've maintained my weight since then (actually have lost like 3 lbs... weirdly enough). But it's been SO NICE not to worry about every.single.thing that goes into my mouth or about scheduling my friend time around my workouts.

I need to start looking at a routine that will stick with me in the long run. In 2012, I worked out six times a week pretty religiously. Seriously. Usually three times a week, I did an hour-long work out, and the other three I did a half hour. But it was still ALWAYS something I did, except Sundays. This is not really a reasonable expectation for me in the future, especially when I have babies. I want to find a routine that I can keep up, guilt free, and that will make me feel good.

Any ideas?

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