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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunshines/Dark Clouds

The term "sunshines and dark clouds" takes on a whole new meaning with all the rain that has poured over my city this week! But it's Friday, so here we go!

  • I've been loving all the rain. It makes Shadow extra snuggly, too!
  • After a few days of bad eating, I'm back on the wagon. I feel SO much better when I'm eating well and exercising regularly.
  • Boyfriend finished his LAST final yesterday and I'm so proud of him. Now he has to start preparing for his certifications... yikes!
  • I came home yesterday clean clothes, a clean bathroom, and a freshly brushed dog. Best Boyfriend ever.
  • I have a new favorite drink. It's Diet Cherry 7-Up with Grey Goose vodka. DON'T JUDGE. It's incredible, if random.
  • I got a pedicure this week with my mom and let me tell you... I feel like just the hot stone massage they do to your feet is worth the price of the pedicure!
  • My sister comes home tomorrow after finishing her FIRST year of law school! Hooray!
  • The forecast is calling for some sun this weekend... perfect!
  • I ate SO bad on Wednesday. I had taco stuff for lunch, a chile relleno burrito for dinner, plus a Margarita and some chips/salsa, and some popcorn at the movies. SO bad. Back on the wagon.
  • The humidity is doing some crazy things to my hair. I look like Mufasa.
  • Remix or Shadow (the jury's still out) LICKED a bare patch in our carpet. ??? What kind of dog LICKS so much that they wear away all the carpet? My money's on Mix, because she LOVES to lick carpets/rugs (she already licked a bare spot on our kitchen rug!). Booo.
  • I've been losing weight (which is for sure a sunshine) BUT none of my clothes fit anymore... but I don't want to buy more clothes until I'm smaller! I wish I could afford new wardrobes at all stages.
  • I'm currently working :o(
That's it for today! Happy Friday!

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