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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy, Rainy Days

So much has happened since I last posted (rare for me, right? I mean, other than my endless episodes of TEEN MOM or 16 and Pregnant!), but they were all GREAT things so of course I'm a happy girl this week. I think I'll do a bullet post to recap:
  • It's been RAINY all week and it has been wonderful. It's been just a little cold (my only complaint) but hearing thunder and the soft splatter of rain on my car sunroof while I drove home was bliss. Though... I am ready for the sun to come back out!
  • On Tuesday, I took my mom to pick out some Toms for her Mother's Day present (she saw mine and LOVED them). She picked out some sparkly black ones (isn't she adorable?) and then treated me to a pedicure and some YogoBerry!

  • Yesterday was Thomas's birthday so we went to see The Avengers and went to Happy Hour at Si Senor. It was SO much fun and I'm so glad we got to celebrate his birthday all together!
  • Tonight, I made dinner with Boyfriend and now I'm relaxing and watching Tia & Tamera (I love that show! It reminds me of my childhood and watching Sister Sister all the time!) until 7:30 when it's Zumba time! yay!
  • We go to Vegas in ONE WEEK. We have a helicopter tour scheduled, Cirque du Soleil tickets ordered, and reservations made at some of our favorite places in Vegas (including Tender, one of the best steakhouses! Yay!), and we are SO ready for a banana split from Serendipity. Plus, some of our friends will be in Vegas that same weekend so I'm excited to meet up with them!
  • This weekend is BUSY for us. Boyfriend is finally done with school (but he won't get a graduation party until the end of the summer when he finishes his certifications, at his request) and so is his cousin Jasmine, so we'll be going to his aunt/uncle's for a party to celebrate her accomplishments. It's also Mother's Day so I'm excited to see my grandmothers/mothers to celebrate their special places in my life. AND my sister comes home this weekend! YAY!
Have a great Thursday night!

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