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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Blues

Mondays are, of course, one of my least favorite parts of the week. But today was nice because I got to look forward to dinner with my friends all day!

Last week, I went to my old high school to visit my friend Katie, who is coaching the guard that we were in back in high school. Kaitlyn, Val, and Melissa came with me and we got to spend a little time transported back to high school.

I LOVED my high school years, but I would never, ever want to go back forever. However, the things I missed about high school were the friendships I made that fizzled or took different paths since then. That's why I was so, so excited to see Katie and Melissa tonight (Val, Kaitlyn and I are still close, of course; you've probably seen their names here often).

We had SUCH a good time. We went to Texas Roadhouse and Melissa brought her adorable daughter Mia (who has the biggest eyes I've ever seen!). We talked a little about old mutual friends we had in high school, but mainly we just talked. It was so, so nice to see how easy it was for us to just fall into easy conversation without having to ask a bunch of questions. We talked about our boyfriends, Melissa's kids, school, work, our lives... it was so fluid and comfortable.

Sometimes, the best friendships are old friendships!

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