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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thinking About Jewelry

On Saturday night, we celebrated Boyfriend's birthday with bowling (which I rocked), fish tacos, and backyard volleyball at his aunt and uncle's house. I had a great time trash talking about my bowling game (which was awful- I was in last place both games!), trash talking with Thomas and Jeremy (Boyfriend's cousin), who are both cowboy fans, about football (go Ravens!), and eating lots and lots of cake.


But in the midst of the party, I somehow found myself talking to Boyfriend's cousin about a wedding. She is itching to help us plan a future wedding (whenever that will be!) and we got stuck on the topic of destination weddings.

I go through periods of time when I'm excited about a wedding and, mostly, big periods of time when I feel like I'm not ready to completely change my life and my name, all when we're so young (Boyfriend just turned 22... though we've been together 2 years and have no plans to ever change that, I just want us to have some time to be young and careless!).

But tonight... tonight is a time when I want a big, pretty ring and a big, pretty dress.

With a rock like this, I think I would make myself be ready!


Tiffany's (the one in the middle is my favorite!)

In the morning (or maybe in about an hour...), I know I'll come back to my senses and realize that while I can't wait to make Boyfriend my Husband, I love our life now. And that's enough for me!

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