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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There are lots of forms of therapy I utilize when I get stressed from work and home life. Aromatherapy... food-therapy... retail therapy... and of course, writing therapy.

Today, I'm utilizing both retail therapy and writing therapy: a surefire way to decompress after a big day at the office!

I'm an overwhelming type of person. When something important pops into my head, it's nearly impossible for me to forget it without obsessing over it. I'll be heading to work and start thinking about how my alignment is off and how I probably need to get my tires rotated. At that point... all I think about is getting my car fixed. When I forget to send out a document or respond to an email, all I think about that evening is how the next morning, I have to get to work ASAP to send out that document or email.

The easiest way for me to relax is to come home and write for a couple of hours. It doesn't matter what I write: in my journal, in a blog, on a novel, a short story, or a couple of upcoming columns... just writing has always calmed me down.


This dress? Helps a lot.

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