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Friday, August 19, 2011

Diet Cherry 7up

Oh, Diet Cherry 7Up. How I love you. I should write a poem about how sweet and calorie free you are.

Geez louise. My article came out today, which means that if any people are looking for my blog from the Sun-News website, this is the blog they will read. Me talking about a calorie free soda (an AWESOME calorie free soda...). I apologize. Give me a minute and I'll segue into talking about cleaning, trashy reality TV, and Boyfriend's cute face.

Way better, right? :o)

After a long week (and a couple of hours working on an at-home project), I'm more than ready to veg out here on my sofa with a diet cherry 7up in my hand and Apollo 13 on Netflix Instant to give me some motivation. Nothing is as motivational as seeing the crew of Apollo 13 fight fiercely to bring those guys home.

In a couple of weeks, Boyfriend and I move out of this apartment and head into a house with our friend, Thomas. I'm very excited for several reasons:

1) Rent is cheap. Like, ridiculoulsy cheap, because his dad owns the house and is renting it out to us for $400. Total. Like, $133 a person for the three of us.

2) I love Thomas! He's clean and considerate and hilarious. Plus, he's Boyfriend's best friend. I think we'll really enjoy living with him.

3) Due to his work schedule (3 pm- midnight), my evenings will be pretty much exactly how they are now... dinner with Boyfriend, then working out and watching movies while he's at work. I'll be showered and in bed long before Thomas gets home. We will get to see him on the weekend, but I don't think we'll get sick of each other... we just don't have time to!

4) There's a huuuuge yaaaard for Shadow! I'm so excited for this! Plus, Thomas will get a puppy so Shadow has a friend. He will love it.

5) We get to save a lot of money and still live on our own. Best of both worlds, right?

What else is going on? While I'm still in love with summer, I am kind of jonesing for some fallish weather. I'm ready for the holiday season to kick in, starting with Halloween, straight into my birthday, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. I love the holiday season... but I do love summer. I guess it's a good thing I have another month or so of warm weather before we head into fall so I can get it all out of my system. By the end of September, I'm sure I'll REALLY be ready for fall! :o)

Tomorrow, Boyfriend, Shadow and I will be going out to the desert for a nice long hike. I'm really excited to let the puppy off his leash and just enjoy some time walking in the hot sun, working our muscles, and enjoying the fresh air!

Enjoy your weekend!

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