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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mo Money Mo Problems

Or is it No Money Mo Problems? Either way I think money creates problems... not having it, having it, whatever.

I'm sorry I didn't write last week... I'm feeling sick sick sick (sore throat and just feeling exhausted), so last week I just spent some time doing some overtime projects for work and then resting. Shadow is being a crazy puppy (of course) so he's exhausting me, too, but it's nice spending time with him. This weekend, we literally did nothing... we watched a little USA soccer and played a little Mario on the Wii and lounged. It was magical.

And now... back to reality. There are so many things that are looming in the distance that I really feel I should be getting a jump on. We're moving out of our apartment, for starters. We're moving into Boyfriend's mom's house- she travels all the time for work and has a little puppy that is left alone often. Plus she might end up moving to Atlanta for her job, which means that Boyfriend and I living there would be better for everyone- for us, because we can save lots and lots of money by not paying rent and for Boyfriend's mama because we can help out with Beni (the puppy) and take care of the house.

I figure I can save close to $10,000 in less than two years by us living at home, which would pay for part of a wedding (our parents will be chipping in as well) and maybe (hopefully!) part of a down payment on a house. If Boyfriend starts driving at his job, we'll be able to save close to $1,000 a month even with paying rent. But this, again, brings me back into the dangerous territory of being an overplanner for things that are years away. That is definitely something I need to work on! I'm always trying to lecture Boyfriend about saving for our retirements and our IRAs. God, I sound old. I'm not, really, I promise I'm still fun!

Damn, I'm not fun. I can't even lie to my blog. Tonight all I've done is cook fish and rice for my boyfriend and me, play with my dog, and watch Gilmore Girls. I'm about to work out and clean the bathroom. What kind of 23 year old am I?

Don't answer that. Good night, few and loyal followers.

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