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Monday, June 20, 2011

From Baseball to Weddings

What a weekend.

I mean it. What. A. Weekend.

This past weekend, Boyfriend (plus his mom and his mom's boyfriend Steve) and I (along with my parents) headed up to Phoenix to watch a Diamondback game as well as visit my favorite place ever: the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.

*Disclaimer: The Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center is not paying me for this review, although if they'd like to send me some coupons for free stays or dinner for two at their restaurant at, I'm not above accepting it! lol. These views are completely my own. All photos pictured below are from

There, we met with Amanda, the wedding coordinator, who gave us a tour of the resort: Boyfriend and I definitely want a destination wedding, and this seems like the perfect place. We figured that while we were there with both sets of parents, we might as well make sure everyone likes it! And they did- they all did. Amanda was super nice and helpful, and we even got to see a few rooms set up for actual weddings. They do a beautiful job there.

Boyfriend's mom was generous enough to get our room for us, so it was especially nice to stay at the resort and have some space to talk about a potential wedding at the resort. Boyfriend and I are definitely keeping the resort as our number one choice when we start planning (whenever that is!).

On Friday, we went to Havana Cafe, a Cuban restaurant, for dinner. It was so, so delicious! When my family was in Miami one summer, we went to this Cuban restaurant every morning for breakfast, and I know my parents really enjoyed a chance to have Cuban food again. I had paella with lots of seafood, as well as platanos (plantains) and black bean dip. Everything was so good! I definitely like Cuban food.

Saturday morning we had the tour, then we headed out to the Dback stadium for the game! We decided to go to Coopertown, Alice Cooper's restaurant, for something to eat before the game and I'm so glad we did. I had a lobster quesadilla and Boyfriend had 20 hot wings (and was still hungry, crazy kid). Then at the game, we had a bunch of sunflower seeds and peanuts. But hey, that's game food- it doesn't count, right? Right?

After the game, we went to Grand Luxe and had dessert- I had beignets (people from the South, let me know if that's how it's spelled!), which is a southern dessert that is kind of like doughnuts but better. Boyfriend had cheesecake.

Stuffed, tired, happy, and ready for bed, we headed back to the resort and enjoyed one last night at the beautiful resort. Then we had a long, LONG drive home (Steve is a very, uh, careful driver! lol).

But I'm back and I had work today and everything, which means the vacation is truly over. But it was so much fun and I'm so glad both of our families got along so well. That will make things easier for traveling in the future!

Have a good week guys! One day down, four to go!

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